About Hanami® Pigments

Hanami ® are top-quality dyes for permanent make-up, which have been created by using an innovative and patented NOVOXX TECHNOLOGY.

The innovative NOVOXX® TECHNOLOGY used in Hanami Pigments is 100% biocompatible with our body, which virtually excludes any allergic reactions and causes that our body doesn’t fight with a dye as if it was a foreign substance, trying to discard of it outside the skin. Novoxx® stabilizes microbial purity and, by combining mineral substances, acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps the process of pigmentation’s healing.

In addition, NOVOXX® acts as an antioxidant which prolongs the viability of pigments in the skin, thereby making pigmentation more stable and durable after healing, eliminating the need for multiple retouch adjustments to achieve the desired effect.

The use of NOVOXX® in Hanami Pigments’ dyes helped to replace some of the pigments (colours) used to produce the dye itself, which increases the luminance of the colours with additional reflecting surfaces.


Novoxx® is a combination of minerals which have revolutionised the manufacture of safe pigmentation in colours.

As a micro-fine ground white powder it has various positive features:-

• Novoxx® solves problems which may be related to the long-term storage and conservation of pigments after the flasks are initially opened. Since novoxx® is a solid, it cannot evaporate. With the reduction of carrier liquid, the concentration of novoxx® in the bottle increases, which in turn increases its germ-eliminating effect.

• Novoxx® is absorbed by the body without being detected as alien and potentially being rejected.

• We have no knowledge of any allergic reactions to novoxx® in pigments.

• The minerals used for novoxx® are intended to support the healing of the wounds immediately after completion of the pigmentation process. In our daily practice we have found that itching during the healing process is reduced compared with traditional products not containing Novoxx®. . Hanami colours contain no alcohol so they do not dry out while you are working, thus aiding with less wiping and cleaning of the skin between passes. This results in less irritation of the skin and visibly more beautiful results.


Hanami is an organic based line, so colour fade over the years will cool out rather than leaving warmer tones of colour behind in the skin. However, with Novoxx® technology added to the pigments, this makes them a hybrid colour. Neither organic or inorganic!


This means in comparison to an ink based pigment line the saturation, as well as the tone, will also soften and fade over the years, leaving us with more space in the skin to colour refresh our work in two or three years time.

Hanami® Pigments are manufactured in a German laboratory that complies with the highest standards of sterility, as well as in pharmaceutical factories. As a result, Hanami® pigments meet all required legal standards in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Europe (ResAP 2008).

Here are a few tips for using hanami pigments.

* My rule is any darker colors (brown black, black coffee, sepia) I add some ginger to.

* The darker the colour the more modifier I add.

* For black coffee it’s usually 80/20 or even 70/30 ratio.

* Brown Black is usually at 70/30 ratio.

* Maranti and Golden Brown are warm so they don’t really need any modifiers.

* Used alone or mixed together in different ratios creating lots of variations for fairer, freckled, also red heads.

* They can be used to lighten darker colors and slightly warm them up but they don’t have same warming power as modifiers.

* Blond is cool blond great for white hair mature clients.

* Add blond to sepia for that dirty darker blonde with no warmth on those peaches and cream easy tanning darker blondes.

* I often mix blonde with golden brown for my more yellow / gold blond clients.

* Cider is your yellow green based modifier.

* Anytime you need to correct orange or salmon it is great colour to add.

* Anytime you need mustard colour for violet undertones it will be good choice to add

These pigments have a big pigment load, so it’s important to work very light in layers.


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