Liner is the most versatile and varied service I offer, there are so many different styles to choose from, don’t worry too much about deciding on which one you would like, you’d be surprised at how many clients come in thinking they want a lash enhancement and leave with a full on smoked latino! 

A rough guide to styles:

LASH ENHANCEMENT – My most subtle liner, a very fine line right on your lashes, gives a look similar to a recent lash tint.

CLASSIC LINER – A slightly more full on version, think of a kohl pencil look, soft but more of a makeup look. This liner can be subtle or quite full on depending on the result you’re after.

THE PERFECT EYE™️ A totally bespoke signature liner to suit your eye shape.

THE PERFECT EYE™️LATINO – FLICKS BABY!! Flirty flick, cat’s eye, as small or as big as you want! Classic, super defined and glamorous!

THE PERFECT EYE™️LATINO OR SMOKEY WITH SHADOW – my most FULL ON liner! Super dramatic, full makeup look, shadow can be a black smokey eye or colour if you prefer..

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