Brows are my life! Nothing changes a face more than a good brow.

There are so many different techniques I can use to create your perfect brow, this is why I have a standard price of £395. There’s no need for you to choose which type of brow you think will be best before your appointment, you get a full consultation on the day, every brow is bespoke to you.

A rough guide to brow techniques:

MICROBLADING – Hairstrokes and shading created with a small hand held blade. Not suitable for all skin types.

OMBRE/POWDER  – My Signature technique! This technique is suitable for all skin types and is the most versatile. I can create a barely there natural look or a full on defined makeup look brow. You can have crisp editorial brows or soft, fluffy dreamy brows….I LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE!! 

HAIRSTROKES – Individual hairstrokes created with a tattoo pen rather than a microblade. Suitable for more skin types than microblading.

COMBINATION BROWS – A mix of powder shading and hairstrokes, as versatile as ombre/powder, we can go as natural or as full on as you like!  

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